Franziska Lautenschläger, the PI of project A10 of the SFB 1027 and Junior-Professor in the department for experimental physics of the Saarland University, now also leads a new junior research group in the Leibniz Institute for New Matrials (INM). This research group focuses on the cytoskeleton of living cells and is aimed to strengthen the medicine relevant research of the INM at the boundary between cells and materials. With the temporal employment of Franziska Lautenschläger as junior group leader the INM intensifies its ties to the Saarland University and its engagement with the SFB 1027, which involves already two PIs from the INM, Prof. Aranzazu del Campo and Prof. Niels de Jonge.

Franziska Lautenschläger     Press release of the INM


Date of new: 
Friday, 20. January 2017













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