This year's Summer Camp of the SFB's young researchers took place 26.-29. June 2018 at the Ebernburg in Bad Münster am Stein, close to Mainz.
The scientific program comprised 13 30-minutes oral and 14 poster presentations by members of the IRTG. Each poster presenter was given the opportunity to present their poster in a short talk to the full audience. The poster session itself took place at Thursday afternoon.
Additionally to the submitted contributions, two guest presentations by Prof. Rainer Böckmann giving his Intro Lecture on Tuesday morning and by Prof. Albrecht Ott on Friday morning were greatly appreciated.
Thanks to the nice weather, the outdoor team event was great fun and afterwards all participants could watch the German team's historic early elimination from the World Cup in the pleasant atmosphere of the Nahegarten in Bad Sobernheim.
With the end of the Summer Camp, the election of a new YR speaker/vice speaker team was hold. The winner of the poll were
      Navid Khangholi (AG Seemann), new YR speaker
      Xiangda Zhou (AG Hoth), new vice speaker
Many thanks again to the past speaker team, Girish Ramesh and Marc Finkler, for their commitment during the last year and the organization of the SummerCamp!
And thanks again to all participants for making this Summer Camp such a great event!
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