This year's SummerCamp took place at the Kurhaus Trifels in Annweiler am Trifels.

The participating 28 Young Researchers of the SFB1027 presented their work in 15 oral presentation (each 30 minutes) and 13 posters.
Additionally to the poster sessions, the poster presenters were also given the opportunity to "advertise" their poster in a short "poster pitch" to the full audience.

In the team event, the "Trifels Hike", participants could enjoy the nature of the Palatinate Forest, old castles and beautiful views.

On the last day of this retreat, a new YR speaker/vice speaker pair was elected. The new speakers are:
Maria Mantero Martinez (AG Bruns, project C5), YR speaker
Erik Maikranz (AG Santen, project B1), vice YR speaker

Many thanks to the past speaker team, Navid Khangholi and Xiangda Zhou, for their commitment during the last year and the organization of the SummerCamp!

And thanks again to all participants for making also this year's SummerCamp such a great event!
Date of new: 
Monday, 24. June 2019













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