This year’s Summer Camp took place at the Tagungshotel Hohenwart Forum near Pforzheim. The program for the 25 participants comprised ten scientific talks about ongoing work in the respective SFB project, poster presentation, poster session, and a trip to the Waldklettergarten Pforzheim. Thanks to all for their active participation in the discussions after the talks and in the poster session as well as for creating a familiar and stimulating atmosphere during the whole Summer Camp!
The participants of the Summer Camp elected a new YR-Speaker (and his vice-speaker) who will be the representatives of the SFB's young researchers for the next year. The new YR-speaker is: Girish Ramesh (workgroup of Prof. Niemeyer - projekt C4). His vice-speaker is: Marc Finkler (workgroup of Prof. Ott - project C1).
Date of new: 
Friday, 7. July 2017













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