A new research building for the Center of Biophysics (ZBP), accomodating researchers of the SFB 1027, will be built on the Campus of the Saarland University. The new 37 Million Euro building will serve as a center to unite and concentrate various researcher groups from the experimental and theoretical Biophyics, comprising alltogether 200 Researchers from the teams of Jochen Hub (B7), Karin Jacobs (B1/B2), Franziska Lautenschläger (A9), Albrecht Ott (C1), Ludger Santen (A8/B1), Ralf Seemann(B4),  Heiko Rieger (A3), Christian Wagner and a Junior-Professor still to be appointed - plus several common laboratories for collaborations with the biophysics groups from the Medical faculty. In a two days session 10./11.4.2019 a jury comprising architects, representatives of the university and the state government and of the future inhabitants (members of the SFB 1027) ranked 37 architect exposés and recommended to assign the building measures to NOVA Michael Beck Architects GmbH from Munic. Pictures of their vision of the building, to be completed in 2023, are displayed below.

Press release of the Saarland University

Newspaper article of the Saarbrücker Zeitung

ZBP building     ZBP building 2

ZBP building 3     ZBP building 4


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Monday, 22. April 2019













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