Tue, 03/12/2019 - 13:30
Campus SB, Building E2 6 Room E.04

Dr. Janna Nawroth
Host: Prof. Dr. Ar├ínzazu del Campo
Emulate, Inc., Boston, USA

Cilia biomechanics and the link to human airway diseases

Ciliated surfaces and mucociliary transport plays an important role in human physiology, and biomechanical defects are associated with severe clinical symptoms, including recurrent lung infection and infertility. However, we incompletely understand the rules and processes by which ciliated tissues form and achieve collective transport functions, limiting our ability to model and study disease processes. My research addresses this challenge. I focus on elucidating the biomechanics and (self-)organizing design principles of ciliated tissues using a varity of in vitro, in vivo, and in silico model systems, and I then leverage these insights to investigate mechanisms of human airway disease in Organ Chip models. Specifically, I develop quantitative imaging and modeling tools to explore the following 3 key questions: (1) What are the structure-function relationships that link the mechanics of the individual ciliated cell to the fluid transport functions emergent at the tissue scale?  (2) What are the chemo-mechanical cues and feedback loops that guide ciliated cells to form organized populations with collective behaviors? (3) How do ciliated tissues interact with their physical and biological environment, including bacterial partners, and what are their mechanical failure modes in human airway disease? Here, I will discuss case studies that reveal universal design constraints and parameters of ciliated tissues as well as a new pathogenic mechanism in asthmatic airways. I will also discuss the development of human Airway Chip technology for transferring these insight to biomedical research, including drug testing and development.

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