TitleTFmiR2: Constructing and analyzing disease-, tissue- and process-specific transcription factor and microRNA co-regulatory networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsNazarieh, M., M. Hamed, C. Spaniol, T. Will, and V. Helms

TFmiR2 is a freely available web server for constructing and analyzing integrated TF and miRNA co- regulatory networks for human and mouse. TFmiR2 generates tissue- and biological process-specific networks for the set of deregulated genes and miRNAs provided by the user. Furthermore, the service can now identify key driver genes and miRNAs in the constructed networks by utilizing the graph theoretical concept of a MCDS. These putative key players as well as the newly implemented 4-node TF-miRNA motifs yield novel insights that may assist in developing new therapeutic approaches.













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