Heiko Rieger (A3), Reza Shaebani (A7) and Adam Wysocki (A3) organized a CECAM workshop on "Frontiers in Computational Methods for Active Matter", 10.-12. Februar 2020 at the CECAM headquarter at the the EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland). The goal of this workshop was to bring together the experts in modeling soft condensed matter and biological systems to tie recent advances in computational techniques and the most recent ideas and concepts of active matter theory. The workshop with 34 participants from 10 different nations, including 20 invited speaker, provided the opportunity to compare state of the art computational active matter approaches and to open the discussion on the existing challenges and problems.

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Group foto of the workshop participants (the organizers Adam Wysocki, Heiko Rieger and Reza Shaebani sitting in front, from left to right)

Date of new: 
Friday, 21. February 2020













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