TitleUltrasensitive Genetically Encoded Indicator for Hydrogen Peroxide Identifies Roles for the Oxidant in Cell Migration and Mitochondrial Function
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsPak, V. V., D. Ezeriņa, O. G. Lyublinskaya, B. Pedre, P. A. Tyurin-Kuzmin, N. M. Mishina, M. Thauvin, D. Young, K. Wahni, S. A. Martín Gache, A. D. Demidovich, Y. G. Ermakova, Y. D. Maslova, A. G. Shokhina, E. Eroglu, D. S. Bilan, I. Bogeski, T. Michel, S. Vriz, J. Messens, and V. V. Belousov
JournalCell Metab













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