The NanoBioMed steering committee of the Saarland University awarded four young project leaders of the SFB 1027 with Young Investigator Grants: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Laura Aradilla-Zapata (A13N) received 150.000€ for 3 years, and Dr. Jean-Baptiste Fleury (B4), Dr. Yvonne Schwarz (C5) and Dr. Reza Shaebani (A7) received 105.000€ each for 3 years. The grant is intended to initiate new interdisciplinary projects with the Saarland University NanoBioMed strategic initiative and to support young researchers of the Saaerland University in their scientific career development. All together 9 grants were awarded to young NanoBioMed researchers from the Faculty of Natural Science and Technology and from the Medical School.


 L. Aradilla-Zapata (A13)               J.-B. Fleury (B4)                          Y. Schwarz (C5)                   R. Shaebani (A7)

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Monday, 8. March 2021













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