Tue, 24/09/2013 - 09:00 to Wed, 25/09/2013 - 18:00
Saarbrücken, Campus, Geb. C7 4

SFB 1027 – Workshop Program

14:00 - 17:00 (SB, Campus, E2 9, Foyer)
18:00 – 23:00 Young Scientists-Get-Together at Stiefel Brauhaus (SB, St. Johanner Markt)
Di, 24.9.
09:00                     Opening
09:10                     A1 Marc Neef
                                   Cytoskeletal self-organization and cell signalling
                                   Alxander Dreher
                                   A phase field model for amoeboid cell crawling driven by cytoskeletal polarization waves
09:50                     A2 Markus Hoth /  Rouven Schoppmeyer
                                   Dynamics of T-cell polarization
10:30                     Coffee break                                                       
11:00                     A3 Heiko Rieger / Martin Peglow / Karsten Schwarz
                                  Theoretical aspects of T-cell polarization
11:40                     A5 Peter Lipp
                                   Local cPKC-translocation as a mechanism for localized cell responses
12:20                     C4 Barbara Niemeyer
                                   Redox regulation of cellular function: T cells and ion channels
                                   Stephanie Saul
                                   The physiological role of the redox resistant calcium channel ORAI3
13:00                     Lunch                                                  
14:20                     A4 Jutta Engel / Tobias Eckrich
                                   Spontaneous activity in the developing cochlea
15:00                     A6 Björn Becker
                                   Receptor dynamics, internalization and retrograde transport
15:40                     Coffee break                                   
16:10                     A7 Mohammad Reza Shaebani
                                    Active Transport on Directed Complex Networks
                                    Chikashi Arita
                                    1D Stochastic Cellular Automaton - from Mathematics to Transport Models
16:50                     B5  Christian Wagner / Mathias Brust
                                    Aggregation of red blood cells in flow                    
19:00                     Workshop dinner
                              @ Restaurant Undine, Bismarckstraße 129, 66121 Saarbrücken


Mi, 25.9.

09:00                      B1 Karin Jacobs / Jonas Heppe / Philipp Hudalla
                                    Theory & Experiments of smart proteins: Ordered adsorption of hydrophobins at interfaces
09:40                     B2 Markus Bischoff / N.N.
                                   Bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation: Physical processes at interfaces
10:20                     Coffee break                                   
10:50                     B3 Matthias  Hannig /  Natalia Umanskaya
                                   Bio-inspired management of in situ biofilm formation on dental surfaces
11:30                     B4 Jean-Baptiste Fleury / Ralf Seemann
                                   Microfluidic platform to study membrane properties:
                                   Transport, Organization, and Fusion of Membranes
12:10                     Mitgliederversammlung
13:00                     Lunch                                                  
14:20                     C1 Albrecht Ott / Marc Schenkelberg
                                   Macromolecular binding to DNA: cooperative and information theoretical
                                   aspects of molecular specificity
15:00                     C2 Sascha Zickenrott / Pascal Giehr
                                    In vivo modeling of hydroxymethylation in mouse ES-cells
15:40                     Coffee break                                                       
16:10                     C3 Volkhard Helms
                                    Molecular interactions and gene-regulatory
                                    networks driving gene expression and cell differentiation
                                    Mohamed Hamed
                                    Hematopoiesis and the possible regulatory role
                                    of pluripotency genes and imprinted genes
16:50                     C5 Antonio Yarzagaray / Madhurima Dhara
                                    v-SNARE-based protein-lipid interactions in exocytosis
17:30                     Fin!
Do., 26.9.
10:00 – 12:00 Hands-on-Courses, Mini-Lectures

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