Summer Camp 2014 - Special Events

1) Posterkaraoke

This is a social, interactive, cool, scientific kind of poetry slam. Here's the rule: Every poster author will team up with another author (randomly assigned). Every team will have 1.5 h to get familiar with each other's poster. The next day, you'll introduce your team mate's poster to the audience, equipped with only a paper and a pen and 2 min time. Use body language, mimics,… whatever, to picture the scientific content!
You'll see: it's great fun and you'll never forget your team mate's and many other projects!
IMPORTANT: Design your poster with the poster karaoke in mind: Very likely, you'll have to explain your poster to somebody of another discipline. With an eye catcher like the table of contents graphics and the research highlight sentences as bulleted list, your team mate will have an easier job. See also "posters" or the project "".

2) Invited speakers

To be announced later

3) Leisure

Planned: "Hochseilgarten" - a high rope adventure














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